As Universal Pictures looks to develop a heap of monster projects from various filmmakers, we now have some potential insight about a Universal Monsters film that John Krasinski is potentially developing for Universal Pictures. 

A recent post on Daniel Richtman‘s Patreon page suggests that John is in very early development stages on a Universal Monsters horror film “set in the world of vampires” which he’s planning on writing and directing. 

This just speculation, but it very well could end up being their long-gestating Van Helsing movie that had been part of the Dark Universe plans before that imploded given that they were once seeking his help with another Universal Monsters project. 

Variety claimed that Universal reached out to John Krasinski to help with their Bride of Frankenstein film along with Sam Raimi. 

Krasinki, deep in edits on the sequel to his hit film “A Quiet Place,” also tinkered with an iteration of Bride and other Universal characters last year, sources said.

John Krasinski is no stranger to horror as he is behind the surprising hit A Quiet Place and the recently delayed sequel A Quiet Place II, he also leads the Amazon series, Jack Ryan. 

It would be interesting to see John tackle vampires or a character like an iconic character like Van Helsing, we’ll just have to wait for more details and confirmation from Universal about the project.