Game of Thrones alumni Peter Dinklage (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Justice Leauge, Dune) are reportedly taking lead roles in Legendary’s Good Bad & Undead, a vampire action-adventure film that will see Peter playing the iconic vampire hunter Val Hesling with Jason playing a vampire he teams up with. 

In Good Bad & Undead, Dinklage will play Van Helsing, last in a long line of vampire hunters. He develops an uneasy partnership with a vampire (Momoa) who has taken a vow never to kill again. Together they run a scam from town to town, where Van Helsing pretends to vanquish the vampire for money. But when a massive bounty is put on the vampire’s head, everything in this dangerous world full of monsters and magic is now after them. 

Max Barbakow (Palm Springs) will be directing the film from a script penned by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon. The screenwriters are known for Freddy vs Jason, Baywatch, and 2009’s Friday The 13th reboot.

The report comes to us from Deadline and they compare the project to Midnight Run. However, from the synopsis they posted it sounds akin to Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners or Terry Gilliam’s fantasy action film Brothers Grimm starring Matt Damon, the late Heath Ledger, and Lena Headey (oddly, enough also starred Game of Thrones).

The Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm (Matt Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger), are dysfunctional schemers who go from town to town putting on shows that convince inhabitants they are getting rid of demons. After one such scam, a mysterious man called Cavaldi (Peter Stormare) brings them to a French general, who persuades them to battle the evil that has kidnapped 10 girls from a small village. During the investigation, the cynical Wilhelm and sensitive Jacob see things that point to real magic at work.